About Me

Helena Marais is a multi-faceted person that thrive on inspiration, creativity and diversity.

She was born in Bloemfontein on the 3rd of January 1973 in Bloemfontein, Freestate South Africa.  Her family moved to Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa in 1980.  She went to Laerskool Garsfontein, and later moved over to Hoërskool Die Wilgers in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

When she moved into High school she had a choice between Menlo Park and Die Wilgers.  Her choice was clear as Die Wilgers had a Art class.  Her love for art was clear from a young age.

The Artist that she most admired was Van Gogh.  His style, the use of color, and form was what caught her eye the most, as well as the almost rebel way he express himself in his art. 

Abstract art is her favourite and realistic works hold her respect, for the dedication to realistic capture of a moment.  Art for her is the reflection of the artist’s soul and tell a story of the artists perspective, dreams wishes and more.

Her love for Digital Design started in 2010 just after she published her first children’s book, Frikkie die Vlooi.  She decided to paint digitally in order to produce her next books as an electronic book.

Her first picture was made in Paint, but then a friend suggested Gimp.  Her next 3 were created in Gimp, but there was very little tutorial videos of how to use gimp available at the time so it was difficult going.  She then switched over to Photoshop CS5 and her learning started. 

With the assistance of You Tube and the many videos and wonderful people teaching on You Tube she learned fast.  She was gifted a small drawing tablet that was no bigger than your hand, and most her art was born on that little tablet that was called "the coffee warmer" in jest.

In 2014 she switched over to the Yonovo MSP19U, and had to import the tablet as it was not available in South Africa at the time.  It opened an entire new window of opportunity for her creative mind.

She find inspiration in anything!... people every day happenings, anything that catch her eye and hold the potential for a new painting.  Her photography is another outlet for her need for inspiration at times.  When she feel stuck and uninspired, she would take up her camera and go out in nature or for a walk to take pictures of anything that catch her eye even rocks, textures etc.  Much of these pictures end up in her art as well, or are inspiration for it.

Her work has been accepted into the following exhibitions in the in the United States: See more

Two of her photographs were also accepted into an exhibition in Paris, France, and exhibited in the Louvre:  See more

She is also a Shaman, Druid, Energy Healer, Reiki master and teacher. Something that is very important to her as a person.

She believes that living should not be confined in borders. Anything is possible, and all things should be explored, as in exploration we find our true self. We should live true to our soul and purpose for our path, and not let anything stand in our way. What you believe shall come to pass.

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