The 16th Birthday cake

My sister decided to make my nieces 16th birthday party a big even, with family and friends. Since she is also the first grandchild in the family to turn 16, it truly needed celebrating.

She was very clear as to what she wanted, a two tier cake with art on it, so I was asked to make her art. Red VW beetle; with grey trees in the background. I made the first one and she said no girl in the car and more trees...

Removed the girl from the car, and mailed it to my sister for printing. Four was printed on thin Icing sheets, to go on each side of the cake.

Since I have not work a lot with this type of icing, it was a challenge to get the consistency in the rolling of it right. We decided to use red icing on the edges as it just frame the cake better, plus it go with the theme "Paris”.

The cake was placed on a mirror, which gave an awesome effect to the letters of her name. It was definitely not part of the planning, which is awesome as well. Then some glitter on the top for sparkle.

These were taken just after it was finished at the house. Unfortunately one of the children almost destroyed the cake, luckily we were quick enough and only the red icing was damaged at the back, which I quickly fixed. This brought back the memories of another cake that got destroyed by the dog, which stole part of the racetrack cake.... thanx to my sister’s hubby that left the door open, and thought the dog would not go in.... My sister had to re-bake the cake and I had to race there in lunch time to save the party!

We drove out to the location of the party, me in charge of the cake as I did not want to see anything happen to it again... LOL

Neatly set up, added the lights around the cake and waited for it to get dark so I could take a picture with the lights all nice and shiny. It was definitely worth the wait, the glitter on the top sparkled in the light and it was the centre piece of the food table.

Kid happy, family happy...... Me exhausted, but pleased that I was there to give her the cake she so much wanted. Over the years it’s been my job to bake the cakes for my nieces and nephew, it's like a tradition, when I moved away, the first thing she asked was who will bake my cakes now....

Needless to say her mother had to use what she learned from watching... although all the children complained that the cakes are just not the same. I think it’s more a question of the time I spend with the children making the cake, and allowing them to help me, my sister don’t as she stress to get it made LOL.

This goes to show, Digital Design has such a wide range of uses, who would have thought you could print your art on a cake.....

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