3D Art created in Photoshop SC6

Photoshop has an excellent 3D facility that I have worked with a number of time. The intention is to learn and practice 3D design in 3DS Max and Maya in due time. Here are the 3D designs I did in Photoshop CS5 and 6.

3D Space Ship

Design was an interesting failure that turned into something completely different from the original intent. Originally a picture of an Octopus was opened in Photoshop CS6. The intention was to test the 3D capabilities of Photoshop as it has been stated that it can turn 2d images to 3D. This first picture to the right is the result, which was not my intent. Yet it inspired me to turn it into a 3D spaceship.

The start

The final


3D Sphere with texture

3D Planet Textures

Originally made by following this tutorial, in teaching myself to use Photoshop, these tutorials have helped me a great deal. There were a number of things about it I did not like, but it was a great tutorial that taught me a lot of different techniques.

3D Planet

3D Sphere with Texture

3D Planet Textures

By using my own textures taken with my own camera I achieved a better texture, for the planet. After this, my photography expanded to include textures of just about anything.

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